30 Years of Custom Built Homes

Why Anderson & Hammack?

Love Where You Live.
You’ll hear this phrase a lot when working with the Anderson and Hammack team. As custom home builders serving Duluth MN, Superior WI, and the surrounding area, we aren’t satisfied until we meet this commitment to our clients. Investing in your home is a big commitment and a life altering decision.

We understand this and is why we are so trained in on creating a great working relationship and being the expert home builder you can depend on and trust. Let our passion become your dream home, connect with our team and let’s go!


What makes us who we are

Your preferred contractor for custom built homes and home remodels, 

Definition – required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible

  • Coming to work on time and in clean, proper attire.
  • Maintain respect for co-workers, subs, homeowners, and the property in which you are on
  • If something is wrong or inaccurate, taking immediate action to mitigate the problem
  • Always willing to listen to a client about any concerns or questions they may have

Definition – promoting good health

  • Safe working environment for employees
  • Conscientious of the health of the client’s home, during and after the project
  • Creating healthy relationships

Definition – made skillful or wise through experience

  • Retaining learned skills and knowledge for future use
  • Promoting an environment where teaching and learning is key to our success
  • Exhibit thoughtful solutions to problems without over thinking
  • Adaptability

Definition – having or showing appreciation

  • Being thankful for our jobs
  • Being thankful for our clients that have hired us
  • Being thankful for our co-workers
  • Being thankful that we get to use our minds and our hands to create


Definition – devoted to a cause, ideal, or purpose

  • To be honest stewards of our clients’ money
  • Willing to go the extra mile
  • Always willing to help a fellow co-worker or sub when needed
  • Ready to do any task with a positive attitude


Quality Home Builders

We are a building contractor team that dedicates itself to the time honored tradition of excellence with every luxury home build or home remodeling project in the Duluth MN Superior WI area.

  • Craftsmanship

    Our craftsman pride themselves in their abilities to do marvelous things with any material.

  • Details

    Seen or unseen, our quality lies within the walls, behind the cladding, under the foundation, and so on.

  • Love

    From love comes passion, from passion comes care. We care about what we do, and that makes a difference in your project.


Founded in 1993 by Terry Hammack and Mark Anderson, Anderson & Hammack Construction Co. is now driven by Nicholas Olson and his dynamic team. Specializing in high-performance custom homes in the Northland area, our team is relentless in keeping up with industry innovations. We don’t just build houses, we cultivate relationships and devote masterful craftsmanship and meticulous attention to every project, ensuring our clients enjoy elegant, functional, and enduring homes.

Our Process

Meet with our staff in person or via phone call and discuss your project.

  • If you do not have building/remodeling plans drafted at this point we will:
    • Discuss the scope of the project.
    • Offer our design services.
  • If you already have construction plans completed we will:
    • Review the plans and discuss the scope of the project.

For about two hours we’ll meet with you at your home or project site.

  • Create A Scope Of Work:
    • We’ll take detailed notes and listen to your needs and wants.
    • We’ll ask questions that will help with planning, costs, and timelines.
  • Discuss Budget
  • Discuss Pre-Construction or Design Agreement*
    • If we’re a good fit we’ll move forward with creating a detailed estimate so we’re clear on costs, materials, and timelines.

After the site visit, we’ll gather our notes, talk to our team and follow up to verify we have everything correct.

  • Set Expectations For Project
  • Setup Potential Timelines
  • Setup Your Project In Co-Construct and walk you through how we stay current and communicate throughout.

Once we’ve got clear guidance and set expectations we’ll setup a second site visit if needed to complete the project estimate.

We’ll coordinate any sub contractors needed to visit and receive their estimates on work.

4-6 Weeks after the second site visit or follow up we’ll create your detailed estimate that includes:

  • City Or County Requirements?
    • We’ll review any permits, zoning, etc.
  • What Specialists Are Needed?
    • We’ll review if and which sub-contractors are needed such as plumbing, electrical, excavation, etc.
  • Material List
    • We’ll work closely with you or a design professional on materials selection.
  • Labor Hours
  • Work Schedule
  • Performance Guidelines

This 1-2 hour meeting will walk thru your estimate line by line.

  • Answer any questions you have
  • Understanding the costs and budget
  • Estimate project duration
  • Sign A Contract

We’re ready!

  • We’ll hand-off your project to our General Manager who’ll manage the actual work and site going forward.
  • Apply for permits
  • Activate project in Co-Construct
  • Coordinate sub-contractors and get on schedule
  • Order materials
  • Setup payment schedule

Things are happening!

  • We’ll check in on Co-Construct daily
  • Update schedules, selections, financials once a week
  • Upload inspection schedule into Co-Construct and assign tasks for job foreman
  • Check in with you weekly or more via email or phone

We’re done!

  • Clear site of all tools, trailers, left over material, etc.
  • Final Inspection
  • Final Walk Thru Together
  • Collect final payment
  • Schedule finished pictures if approved, and potentially schedule staging
  • One Year Check Up









Have a question?

Whether you have a comment, a question, or just need more information about your home-building project, we are always available to help you.

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