Anderson & Hammack’s highest commitment to our clients is to ‘Love Where You Live’. This is our dedication to each homeowner we have the privelge to work with. 


Below outlines our proven process we follow for each project. We look forward to working with you!

  • 1


    • Meet with our staff in person or via phone call and discuss your project.
    • If you do not have building/remodeling plans drafted at this point we will:
      • Discuss the scope of the project.
      • Offer our design services.
    • If you already have construction plans completed we will:
      • Review the plans and discuss the scope of the project.

  • 2

    Site Visit

    • For about two hours we’ll meet with you at your home or project site.
    • Create A Scope Of Work:
      • We’ll take detailed notes and listen to your needs and wants.
      • We’ll ask questions that will help with planning, costs, and timelines.
    • Discuss Budget
    • Discuss Pre-Construction or Design Agreement*
    • If we’re a good fit we’ll move forward with creating a detailed estimate so we’re clear on costs, materials, and timelines.

  • 3

    Follow Up

    After the site visit, we’ll gather our notes, talk to our team and follow up to verify we have everything correct. Set Expectations For Project Setup Potential Timelines - Additionally our team will setup your project In Co-Construct and walk you through how we stay current and communicate throughout the entire custom build or remodel.

  • 4

    2nd Site Visit

    Once we’ve got clear guidance and set expectations we’ll setup a second site visit if needed to complete the project estimate.

    • We’ll coordinate any sub contractors needed to visit and receive their estimates on work.

  • 5

    Your Estimate

    4-6 Weeks after the second site visit or follow up we’ll create your detailed estimate that includes:

    • City Or County Requirements?
      • We’ll review any permits, zoning, etc.
    • What Specialists Are Needed?
      • We’ll review if and which sub-contractors are needed such as plumbing, electrical, excavation, etc.
    • Material List
      • We’ll work closely with you or a design professional on materials selection.
    • Labor Hours
    • Work Schedule
    • Performance Guidelines

  • 6

    Proposal Meeting

    This 1-2 hour meeting will walk through your estimate line by line.

    • Answer any questions you have
    • Understanding the costs and budget
    • Estimate project duration
    • Sign A Contract

  • 7

    Project Start

    We’re ready!

    • We’ll hand-off your project to our General Manager who’ll manage the actual work and site going forward.
    • Apply for permits
    • Activate project in Co-Construct
    • Coordinate sub-contractors and get on schedule
    • Order materials
    • Setup payment schedule

  • 8

    Managing The Project

    Things are happening!

    • We’ll check in on Co-Construct daily
    • Update schedules, selections, financials once a week
    • Upload inspection schedule into Co-Construct and assign tasks for job foreman
    • Check in with you weekly or more via email or phone

  • 9

    Project Completion

    We’re done!

    • Clear site of all tools, trailers, leftover material, etc.
    • Final Inspection
    • Final Walk Thru Together
    • Collect final payment
    • Schedule finished pictures if approved, and potentially schedule staging
    • One Year Check Up


We are grateful to have such wonderful clients, they say it best.


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