Congdon Park Modern Eclectic Remodel

This beautiful historic home within the Congdon neighborhood of Duluth was in need of some modern space design. Anderson & Hammack was perfect for the task.

Date: Spring, 2018
Location: Congdon, Duluth, MN
Project Type:
Major Remodel: Kitchen, Dining, Living Room

About This Project

The homeowner began this remodel project planning with one of our many architect partners, CF Design Architects. After getting a design in place Anderson & Hammack was contacted to help manage the project.The homeowner wanted a more open floor plan for this historic Congdon neighborhood home.

Living Space Remodel Craftsmen Style


  • 2 Steel I-Beams were installed to help support the second level, and open up the main floor space.

  • Project took 6 months to complete from start to finish.

  • A&H handled all the permits, material list, professional trades, and inspections.

  • Client leveraged our Co-Construct app to stay in touch during the project, make decisions faster, and approve any changes needed. Available on both desktop and mobile app.
Living Space Remodel Craftsmen Style


Thank you to all the companies and individuals that helped make this project possible:

  • Architect – CF Design
  • Tile – Lake Superior Tile
  • Electric – Agate Electric
  • Plumbing – Belknap Plumbing & Heating
  • Insulation – Evergreen Foam Insulation
  • Flooring – Riverside Flooring
  • Home Staging – Room & Flow